3 Reasons you should use a Clipboard Manager

I bet you’re reading this because you don’t use a clipboard manager. Some of you may not even know what a clipboard manager is. In a nutshell, a clipboard manager is a computer program that adds functionality to an operating system’s clipboard. Many clipboards provide only one buffer for the “copy and paste” function, and…

Are you using Void correctly?

I don’t like void functions.

Let’s look at the purpose of a void function and try to comprehend the utter confusion it brings.

Coding Concepts – Hoisting

Hoisting is the behavior of moving declarations to the top of the current scope. This is the default behavior in JavaScript when using the var keyword but using the new let and const keywords means this does not occur. Hoisting in Action. Here we can see that the variable is declared after it’s been used, so…

When to start looking for your next role?

When is the right time to start looking for your next job? You’ve been at the same place for a one/five/ten years now. Have you progressed? Are you learning anything new? Do you feel undervalued by your current employer either financially or with your efforts not being recognised? What should you do? Are there any…

Imagine code that produces code! Good Code!

I think we should write more code, that writes code for us! Let me explain why. We love coding, we try to write as much code as possible. LOC is the ultimate measurement of your awesomeness. But how many of us write code that creates code for us? We love using tools/frameworks etc to aid…

The Art of Debugging

As a developer, a major part of your day-to-day responsibilities will entail needing to deal with bugs, finding a problem, replicating it, and fixing it.

Let’s look into how to do that.

Any questions?

It’s the end of a presentation and those famous words are spoken once again, having heard this numerous times, very often the speaker/you are met with silence. You’ve just spent a week preparing a presentation, a post or a new tool for people to use, and nobody has any questions about what you’ve just explained! Faces are blank, and people make a swift exit. Why is this?