Verizon Buy Yahoo


Yahoo was the Google of my generation, it was the place to go for News, Email, Games, Chat. It was my homepage and the place I went to search the internet.

At one point Yahoo was valued at $125 billion. Yesterday, Verizon the US mobile network bought it for just $4.8 billion!

That’s still quite a considerable amount of money for a company that has had a pretty difficult few years.

Last quarter Yahoo lost $440million!

But still Yahoo are a renowned brand and it’s likely that Verizon will merge Yahoo with AOL the company it bought last year for $4.4 billion. A pairing like this has been expected for some time.

Let’s see what the future holds for Yahoo and if Verizon can turn their fortunes around, it would be nice to see a resurgence from what can now be classed as a dinosaur in the technological age!

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