Windows 10 has a new update coming!

I think we can all agree that Windows 10 has been a revelation from Microsoft.

More than 350 million devices are now using the software and it’s clock up billions of hours of usage. It’s even prompted many businesses to switch from archaic old Windows XP bringing everyone onto a level playing ground. It’s Windows store is great for getting apps directly to your desktop creating a much more fluid experience, removing the web browser where it can!

If you haven’t got the update already which is still currently free for 1 more month do it now! I promise you won’t regret it!

If you do already have a copy, then Microsoft have a free update!

Notable additions are:

  • Improvements Cortana the voice recognition software inbuilt to the operating system
  • More uses for Windows Hello
  • Extra uses for the Windows Pen, making it a “first class method of input”
  • Windows Ink – Read about it here:
  • Updates to the Edge browser

Let us know what you think about this under the fold.

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