3 Reasons you should use a Clipboard Manager

I bet you’re reading this because you don’t use a clipboard manager.

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Some of you may not even know what a clipboard manager is.

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In a nutshell, a clipboard manager is a computer program that adds functionality to an operating system’s clipboard. Many clipboards provide only one buffer for the “copy and paste” function, and it is overwritten by each new “copy” operation. 

Well, a clipboard manager extends this limit, making your items searchable and quicker to retrieve.

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Here are the 3 reasons you should use one today.

  1. You copied some data to the clipboard and then accidentally overwrote it. That’s no longer a problem, it’s still there!
  2. You need to copy a few bits of info from one app to another. Rather than hopping between them, copy them all first then paste them in the order required. Easy.
  3. Do you use several usernames and passwords? You no longer need to keep a spreadsheet with the info to delve into. It’s all in your handy clipboard. Now really you should use a password manager, but if they aren’t sensitive logins, this works just as well too.

See I told you a clipboard manager is awesome!

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There are tonnes of other uses, but I bet you already know what reason you’d use one for, so what are you waiting for, download one today! Most are free so it won’t do any harm trying one. They even have mobile versions too. Here are a few I’d recommend.

The one I use on a regular basis and my personal favourite starts us off before I run through Mac, Android and IOS alternatives.

What are your thoughts on clipboard managers? Do you use one already? If you have a personal favourite I’d love to hear it!

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