Code Talk – September

It’s that time of the month again. Here are the most interesting posts I’ve found on the web this month.

Happy reading.

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Planning doesn’t have to be the enemy of agile

Most tech companies will now follow an agile approach to their development cycle. Planning is an important cornerstone of management, and coordinating and controlling what will be happening next.  However agile and planning don’t go hand in hand. See what is meant in this great article.

Abolish performance reviews

When’s your next performance review? Are your goals still achievable? Were they correctly set in the first place? This great post looks into removing them entirely.

On the subject of subjects in RxJS

RXJS is a pretty difficult subject to grasp. Subjects within RxJS even more so. They are often misunderstood, this post goes into why they are often abused and how you should be using them.

Is WebAssembly really the death of JavaScript

Many contenders have tried to topple JavaScript and failed, will WebAssembly succeed where everyone else failed? Have a read of this great post which scours history to aid in their decision.

Removing jQuery from Github

A lot of websites still use jQuery, however GitHub have now entirely removed this useful library from the codebase. Find out how they did it and why in this great write up.

That’s it!

As always if you’ve read something that you would like to share, comment below.

Thanks, and keep on reading!

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