#CodeTalk – AngularJs2, Jquery 3, SPA’s and GITHub


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This CodeTalk is jam packed full of great articles! Focused on front end web application development. With these languages there is a potential to create an SPA application using Angular, JQuery and GitHub as Source Control.

That’s a pretty popular development pattern at the moment so I wanted to delve into each a little bit more and hopefully inspire others to research more on the topics if that’s your cup of tea.

AngularJS2 – What you need to know


AngularJs the open source web app framework from Google is now in it’s second incarnation! You’d even go as far as calling it a complete redesign rather than an update, so it’s important to see what new features are available and understand what is possible with this redesign.

The Future of JQuery 3


Jquery has become the bedrock of the modern web application and web sites with a host of plugins, an easy to use and scalable language(Javascript) which it has become synonymous with!

The next step in the evolution is Jquery 3 and this article delves into what you can expect going forward! A great read!

When you should use a Single Page Application (SPA)


We all love a good SPA, our clients love them and so do our bosses, they look great, perform fantastically and all without the need for a page refresh!

However an SPA is not always the best approach and this fantastic article looks at the benefits and pitfalls in adopting this approach. Before embarking on an SPA reading this article is a per-requisite.

Video – Setting Up GitHub

GitHub is taking Source Control by the scruff of the neck and running away with it. It’s even integrated into the latest versions of Visual Studio which means Microsoft knows it’s not going away and needs to allow it into it’s software! Team Foundation Service (TFS) is still used withing teams working within the same office, and those that use Visual Studio extensively but there are benefits to GitHub especially with remote workers.

This video is a great introduction of how to set up a repository and the basics going forward! Most definitely worth a watch.

Thanks for reading, and once again. If you have anything to add on any of the subjects feel free to comment below the fold!







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