#CodeTalk – GitHub Acquisition – Free eBook & How to Drive Innovation in the Workplace

So… Microsoft has officially bought GitHub for $7.5 billion! How will this affect VSTS and Microsoft’s current source control solution? Do you feel this is a good move for Microsoft and the open source community as a whole? Some believe this is Microsoft going back to it’s roots, moving away from manufacturing etc and back into the software space. Either way, with Microsoft being one of GitHub’s major users, with the DotNet Core Repo  one can assume that GitHub is in the right hands! Right??

If you’ve never used GitHub or you’d like to brush up on how it all works, this free eBook is the perfect re/introduction to the framework.

Pro Git Book

Driving Innovation in the Workplace

People in general but especially developers want to have an impact in their workplace. Developers have a big part to play in what technologies are used in the workplace and how this affects the business as a whole. So if you’ve got good ideas and want to innovate within a large company, how do you get started? This fairly old piece is still completely relevant today, and well worth checking out if you have any burning desires to mold your workplace into what you want it to be, and most importantly the steps to take to get there!

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