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Using Json Extensions & PostgreSQL with Python


JSON is arriving everywhere on the web, and developers like using it instead of XML as it provides an easier to read syntax and is more flexible then it’s other counterpart. NoSQL databases are trying to capitalize on this trend by offering plenty of JSON storage options too.

This tut from Ryan Scott Brown takes a look at how you can work with PostgreSQL’s JSON and JSONB support from the comfort of Python.

Meteor Web Applications


Meteor is an open source JS web app framework written in Node.js, a platform for web application development that is gaining significant international adoption.

Meteor provides an innovative way to construct scalable, rich, interactive web applications by simplifying the coding model and reducing the amount of code that developers must write.

This tut is a great introduction to Meteor and the range of ways it can be used, with plenty of code and analysis to sink your teeth into.

Single Page – Ruby on Rails Tutorial


This tut shows how to build an SPA using the AJAX and the web framework Ruby.

The result is a small application providing the functionality to track time taken by individuals on different tasks that are grouped by it’s projects. With full CRUD capabilities and no postbacks this is a great showcase of what can be achieved with an SPA in an elegant, sleek and modern way.

 Video – Helpful Dev Web Apps

A nice video from the peeps at NetTuts showcasing 10 very helpful web apps that you need to be familiar with.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks entries, let us know of anything else to keep our eyes out on below.

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