Google HashCode Programming Competition 2017

This week is the latest iteration of the yearly Google HashCode event.

Google ask developers from all across  Europe, Africa and the Middle East  to take part in a simultaneous programming competition.

It begins at 18:30GMT on Thursday 23rd February with an online qualification round. The best teams from this will  then be invited to Paris for the grand final.

Registration closes today 20th February so get in there quick if you want to give it a try.

Google HashCode Overview 2017

So… I bet your asking, what does this competition consist of?

To see previous examples and read up all about it visit: Hash Code Past Editions

I’ll been working my way through previous examples trying to get an insight into how they’re set up, and brush up on some fundamentals that are not used in day to day work.

It’s been quite fun, and I recommend anyone else doing  the same. I’ve posted a few examples on my page so feel free to check them out, fork or amend as needed.

By all means my solutions aren’t exactly polished, but given the time constraints on the day, working code is better than pretty code!

GitHub – Chris Bertrand

Let me know on any suggestions to make my code better, or to just bash on my chosen language! CSharp (C#) of you’re  interested.

I’ll be back with impressions after the event so stay posted for more details.

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